The Voice Of: The Casting Directors | Scott Wojcik & Gayle Seay


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In Part One of The Visceral Voice's new limited series, Christine and Kimberly listen to "The Voice Of: The Casting Directors."
Scott Wojcik and Gayle Seay opened Wojcik|Seay Casting in January of 2009 with the National non-union tour of Joseph…Dreamcoat and has been working nonstop ever since. In NYC, they have cast for Off-Broadway and many projects in development for runs on Broadway, as well as national tours, readings, and festival shows.
One of the largest Regional Theatre casting offices, W|S casts entire seasons, as well as individual productions, for an impressive list of venues around the country. While their theatre resume continues to blossom, W|S has always had a presence in the Commercial side of the industry. Innovators in print casting, experts in on-camera and accomplished in real-person sourcing, Wojcik|Seay Casting is adept at working in the fast-paced style of the top ad agencies.
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