Ep 56 Like 2001, but completely different: Andrew Brooks CEO Ascot Group


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Ascot has been one of Lloyd’s great success stories of the past 2 decades yet its CEO Andrew Brooks doesn’t have the sort of public profile that one would expect to go with the job. After many years waiting out the soft market Ascot is now in aggressive expansion mode backed by a very patient, very deep pool of capital.Given its cautious and prudent track record its diversification plans make for fascinating listening, particularly the thinking behind this historically short-tailed business’s controlled entry into the casualty world.In our talk Andrew is engaging and very open and forthcoming about Ascot’s way of doing things. Anyone looking for pointers on how to build a successful underwriting operation that is sustainable over the long term will learn a huge amount over the next half an hour or so. We thank our naming sponsor AdvantageGo - enabling underwriters to increase the speed and accuracy of decision making:


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