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On this episode of The Colin Cowherd Podcast, Colin opens by discussing the avalanching doping scandal involving legendary horse trainer Bob Baffert's dirty derby winner, and how his reaction is similar to other famous cheaters (1:00).

He's joined by the host of Jimmy Kimmel Live! , Jimmy Kimmel, who opens up about growing up with Cousin Sal (3:00), why comedians are underrated actors (6:00), why Jerry Seinfeld is like Steph Curry (7:00), which comedian's live performance blew him away (8:00), when he knows an interview is going sideways (12:00), what advice about hosting Don Rickles gave him (13:00), why he's more of a broadcaster than a comedian (16:00), why it's important to have a diverse team of comedy writers (18:00), when he discovered his on-air voice (22:00), why he hired Bill Simmons to write for his show (25:00), and how he avoids leaning on certain writers too often (28:00).

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