Colin Cowherd Podcast - UCLA Head Coach Chip Kelly on Philly Fans, Oregon Success and Nick Saban Pushback


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On this episode of The Colin Cowherd Podcast, Colin starts off by answering insightful questions from himself in Fake Questions, Real Answers (1:00). his guest is UCLA Head Football Coach Chip Kelly, who shares his thoughts on the rabid fans in Philly (10:00), the polar opposite atmosphere at UCLA (12:00), if he deserves credit for the evolution of the NFL offensive game (13:00), why Nick Saban initially pushed back so hard on up tempo offense (16:00), why Saban's ability to continually replace high level assistants is so impressive (20:00), if he considered taking the Florida job (23:00), how he's embraced the transfer portal (24:00), if it's harder to project players to college or the NFL (27:00), why the West Coast isn't producing o-lineman like the Southeast (30:00), and the best player he's ever coached (37:00).

Also, Action Network Chief Content Officer Chad Millman stops by to discuss the recent sale of Action Network and how it's (massively) helped his bottom line (40:00), how the Packers should handle potentially shopping Aaron Rodgers (48:00), and if the Draft significantly impacted any NFL season win total futures (50:00), and how a Rodgers trade would impact

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