David Kenney On Future-Proofing Your Wealth


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This week I bring one of my faculty members on for a chat. My accountant David Kenney joined me to discuss future-proofing your wealth after what was a tumultuous 2020 for many. David has 25 years’ experience working creatively and strategically with entrepreneurs, family groups, public and private businesses, directors and public figures to help them surpass their own expectations. David has assisted an array of family businesses, top 1000 companies and start-ups. Helping to improve their own growth strategies in understandable ways. I hope you enjoy this episode! We discuss many topics, including -

17:50 - Future-Proofing Wealth in 2021

21:41 - Are Gary Vee’s Ideas Wise?

25:18 - Can you actually get rich quick?

30:48 - Advice for entrepreneurs

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