Will The Biden Economy Make, Break, Or Transform You?


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We now have a new President and with him, a new set of economic policies and decisions that are going to affect the financial market and all of us who feel its repercussions. The question is, will the Biden economy be good to you or will it be your undoing? Even before claiming his seat in the White House, Joe Biden has been very clear about his administration’s economic platform for a while. If you’re an entrepreneur reading this, you may already know what’s coming. But Patrick Donohoe is not here to paint a bleak picture. Instead, he offers opportunities and solutions that will keep you winning even as the government tightens its noose on the wealth producers. Listen in and be inspired to take practical steps to achieve the wealthy life you have always imagined, no matter who sits in the White House and how they decide to play God with the economy. Love the show? Subscribe, rate, review, and share! Join The Wealth Standard community today:

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