WWE Legend Jerry "The King" Lawler : Writer & Artist of "Infinitum" Tim Fielder : The Week in Geek 5/2/21


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D-Squared gets a little personal with WWE Legend Jerry "The King" Lawler. He asks about the rumors of him having never touched a drop of Alcohol, as well as his Heart Attack on Live Television, plus a Surprising Anecdote about a Mid-South Wrestling Icon. The King actually joined the show to discuss his new episode for WWE's New Show "WWE's Most Wanted Treasures" Sundays at 9pm Central on A&E. We talk about his search for Andy Kaufman's Neck Brace, and his original blue Royal Robes and Crown.
OG Nerd, Writer, Artist and Publisher Tim Fielder joins us to discuss his new graphic novel "Infinitum" an Afrofuturist tale. It's available at HarperCollins.com or where ever fine books are sold. We dig into the story of Infinitum, his original work "Matty’s Rocket", and we discuss the significance of Isaiah Bradley's story from "The Falcon & the Winter Soldier"
In Top Nerd News we cover the new Netflix Adaptation of "Sweet Tooth" the confirmation of Micheal Keaton reprising his role of Bruce Wayne in the Ezra Miller Flash Movie, as well as Jeff Goldblum joining the cast of the Podcast Dark Dice.
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The Week in Geek 5/2/21

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