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Case File #9178 The shape Slashers have always been founded by rules. A set of themes that cements their genre as a reality. But where did these rules originate? How did they come to set the foundation for future generations?? Tonight, a spine-chilling tale guaranteed to leave you breathless A boy quite possibly born into evil thrusted into life with a curious nature. One that would catapult him straight to the forefront of slasher history. A girl bound by this evil and forced to become to very first in a long line of final girls. A town long haunted by the ghosts of its past unable to move forward. Come with me as we unpack and analyze a killer that not only defined a genre but also subverted the very rules formed by his actions. The boogeyman him self known as Michael Myers. Lock your door. Latch the windows for now it is time to unleash the evil that is case file number 9178 mysteriously titled THE SHAPE. CAST: Lucian Kohlscheen - Dr. RavenWood Louie Cavalieri - Dr. Phillip Rigsby Michelle Lynn Conklin - Dr. Jane McPherson Jessica Cruz - Nurse Ratchet Erik Franklin - Jared Loomis

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