Food is the MOST Basic Human Need


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That is the direct mission for the 501(c)(3), Veterans Produce.

If you go to their website, that is one of the phrases you will see in big and bold lettering, that Food is the MOST Basic Human Need.

We do not feel that anyone can counter that statement. That statement is what makes us stand beside our recent guest, in his organization’s fight to eradicate veteran hunger due to homelessness.

Food is not a privilege. Healthy food should be afforded to all. Nutritional health is vital for growth, development, and clear minds.

Our recent guest, TC Beckett, believes that this should be a fundamental part to any transitional program.

Teaching Veterans how to grow their own food while using aquaponics and hydroponics techniques, is another facet of what TC does with his non-profit organization.

What had us motivated to help TC and have him on the show to spread his message and help raise funds for a new green house, was the fact that he currently works two jobs, and has his own business. He is working hard to keep his 501(c)(3) at optimal working capacity.

If you are in the Lewisville, Texas area, reach out to TC to see if you can assist in volunteering and learning his process. He is also looking for managers that can assist in the operation of the greenhouses.

Most importantly, he is in desperate need of donations so he can build a larger greenhouse that will produce more food for the Veterans and food banks in his community.

Connect and Engage with “The Chief” TC Beckett today to learn more about how he is helping Homeless Veterans and Communities combat hunger.




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