BRRRRing Your Way to Freedom: How a Husband & Wife Investing Team Acquired 40 Rental Units in 5 Years with Anam & Aamir Hashambhai


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This week we brought Anam and Aamir from @rehabrental on to the show to give everyone a lesson on getting started in real estate investing. This powerhouse couple mostly takes advantage of the BRRRR method and has used it to scale their portfolio to over 40 units in 5 years. In our interview they dive deep into the details on how they find the properties, how they rehab them, how they take advantage of refinancing to get their cash back, and how to effectively work in a business partnership with a significant other. The pair also shared with us their AREA strategy that they use to determine if a location is worthwhile to invest in. If you want to learn more about getting the most out of the BRRRR method, and how to get get into the game of real estate investing, turn up the volume now! 🍊🎙️


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