From Fashion Merchandiser to Investor: How Leka Devatha Leveraged House Flipping Profits to Fuel Her Long Term Portfolio


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This week we had the pleasure of interviewing seasoned real estate developer, investor, broker, house flipper and podcast host Leka Devatha (@leka_devatha). Leka brings an infectiously positive energy to the investing world and has one of the most unique stories we've heard to date. Originally from India, Leka moved to the United States in her early 20s to pursue fashion merchandising. She quickly realized that corporate America wasn't for her, and that she needed to let her entrepreneurial spirit shine. Fast forward eight years and Leka is now working for herself, pursuing her passions, and making an incredible life for both herself and future generations of her family. Leka has done an incredible amount of real estate deals, including two that netted her over seven figures EACH. If you are looking for some positive energy and a little motivation for the week, make sure to give this episode a listen. It won't disappoint!


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