NFL Week 2 Recap | MFK of Surprise 2-0 Teams, Fernando Ramirez, Dr. Dangles & Gravestones


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When we say we're the only podcast that makes you money, we mean it! The boys return after posting a stellar 15-6 record betting on Week 2, which means if you bet with us, you walked away in the black. On this episode, we'll recap Week 2 and look at how the NFL continues to make the game less fun with too many taunting penalties, MFK the surprise 2-0 teams and get a live report from Schaefer the Sharp, who's in Vegas this week and has a hot take on why the thrill of sports betting in Vegas might just be gone. Plus, Sports Illustrated Chargers reporter Fernando Ramirez drops by to debrief on the Bolts' 20-17 loss to Dallas and forecast their chances in Week 3 against Kansas City, Dr. Dangles cures Tony Squares' case of "The Hook" and Schaefer the Sharp's bout with "The Color Purple," and we put a bow on it all with our second week of Gravestones.

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