NFL Week 9 Recap + NCAA Preview w/ Tate Frazier | Season-long Futures Check-In, Dr. Dangles & Gravestones


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We're officially halfway through the 2021 NFL season, which means it's time to check in on the season-long bets we made before the start of the year and see what hit, what won't, and what's still up in the air. Plus, college hoops tip off their season tonight and we've got college basketball guru Tate Frazier of the Titus & Tate Podcast with us to preview the season and share a few hot tips on where you can make money this year. Then, Tony Squares and Schaefer the Sharp make sacrifices to the football gods to try and right the betting ship, and on Gravestones we put not one but two more teams into the Graveyard who won't be making the NFL playoffs this year.

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