WiM011 - The Booth Series | Episode 1 | Inflation Opposes Innovation


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Be sure to check out NYDIG, one of the most important companies in Bitcoin: https://nydig.com/

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00:00:00 “What is Money?” Intro
00:00:05 NYDIG
00:00:00 Robert’s Intro to the Booth Series
00:05:23 Series Begins
00:08:41 How the Economy Works
00:11:30 “Currency wars, trade wars, then real wars”
00:13:38 Innovation is Unstoppable
00:16:43 Inflation Fights Innovation
00:19:10 What if Central Banks Knew?
00:22:40 Empathy and How Systems Operate
00:29:00 Is GDP the right metric?
00:32:29 Declining Prices Means Freeing Time
00:34:52 Digital Technology Vaporizes Borders
00:38:14 All Government Action is Wasteful
00:43:09 Inflation Centralizes Power
00:47:27 Inflation is Implicit Default on Debt
00:49:37 Inflation Drives Divisiveness
00:52:14 Fear of Systemic Change
00:55:29 Personalities Emerge from Incentives
00:57:53 Fiat Currency Forces and Funds Warfare
01:01:06 The Stability of Rules is the Bedrock of Peace
01:06:10 No Hope for the Existing System
01:08:22 The “Risk Free” Rate is Systemic Manipulation

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