Whole Horse | Seeing horses as Sovereign with Kerri Lake


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What a beautiful conversation with Kerri Lake, and the perfect chat for this potent fourth season, as we get right into some incredibly rich territory around showing up for our horses, becoming emotionally stable and agile with our horses, communicating clearly with our horses through our own inner state, actions and intentions, why congruency is essential, and what it means to really do right by the horses in our world. Kerri Lake shares wisdom and guidance for humanity to live closer to the heart. At age 11 she began asking horses directly how she can be with people in the same presence of love that horses share unconditionally. Everything she shares bridges innate consciousness and personal experience. She shares with simplicity and humour how effective healing and effective creation emerge from the same foundation - the absence of judgment. She shares her own journey to help you see that if she can do it, so can you. Kerri is a "hands-on" facilitator, guiding individuals and projects to perpetually greater clarity and heart-inspired action. Her books, "Listen Like A Horse: Relationships Without Dominance" and "Spiritually Gifted" have an international audience that expands beyond the human-animal relationship, inviting people to generate a harmonious relationship with themselves. They are available on amazon and on Kerri's website. Kerri is available for 1-1 facilitation and longer engagements to lift inspired projects to new heights. You can read more and contact Kerri on her website, www.kerrilake.com.

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