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Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar and sometimes it’s a big brown bunny bobbit. Collect your spectacles, monocles, manacles, mooncups and model brains because this week we dissect the psychological perspectives of the “ego,” discuss the hard topics and generally go to town on the big names you have probably heard of.
On this week’s episode we discuss:
-Sigmund Freud's psycho-sexual stages of development

-Carl Jung’s formula for individuation

-butt stuff

-”The Red Book” and “The Book of the Law”

- Consciousness and Ego

-The Collective Unconscious

-Gender and Archetypes

-Timothy Leary and Robert Anton Wilson’s first 4 circuits

-The Micro versus the Macro Ego

-Civilization and groups
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In he full show we discuss:
-The Book of the Law
-Dissecting brain anatomy
-The process of death

-The Kabbalistic Tree versus CG Jung
-Exploring the Kabbalah

Madam Blavatsky:


Psychodynamic Perspectives on Personality:
CG Jung on the Ego:

David Bohm

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