Making Sense of Social Data with Joe Vezzani, CEO of LunarCRUSH


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Joe Vezzani is the CEO of LunarCRUSH, a social listening solution that compiles massive amounts of fundamental data from communities across a number of platforms. Raised in a finance family, Joe was poised to work on Wall Street, but the ‘08 crash sent him down an entirely different path into advertising and media. Upon finding Bitcoin early and mixing his new skills with his old passion, Joe and his team developed one of the most useful and innovative products in the crypto space.

Scott Melker and Joe Vezzani further discuss growing up as a finance kid, looking for a job in the ‘08 crash, the rise and fall of Lehman Brothers, a lack of fundamentals in the crypto world, developing a platform that understands “Dogecoin is mooning,” millennial farm animals, the Wall Street Suits, the nightmare of taxing Bitcoin, Galaxy scores, Alt Ranks and more.



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