Another Wasted Summer


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Another summer has come and gone on The Worm Turns with Jimmy Callaway, but cheer up! We’ll all be dead before too long.

Tuesday’s Children--“Summer Leaves Me with a Sigh”

Buffalo Springfield--“No Sun Today”

Descendents--“Everything Sux”

The Bees--“Forget Me, Girl”

La Peste--“Kindness Invites Abuse”

The Mustangs--“That’s For Sure”

Downliners Sect--“Why Don’t You Smile Now”

The Chymes--“He’s Not There Anymore”

The Equals--“Baby Come Back”

The Fallen Angels--“A Pebble in My Sand”

The Intruders--“Now That You Know”

The Cramps--“It’s Just That Song”

The Unrelated Segments--“It’s Unfair”

The Riverboat Gamblers--“Ice Water”

The Playgue--“I Gotta Be Goin’”

Digital Leather--“Not Now”

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