Start Talking About Comic Books Or I'll Kiss You


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It’s rock ‘n’ roll vs. comic books in a fight to the dearth on The Worm Turns with Jimmy Callaway!

Sloppy Seconds--“The Mighty Heroes”

The Comic Books--“The Bat-Mo”

Man or Astroman?--“Man Made of CO2”

The Mylestones--“The Joker”

Art Brut--“DC Comics and Chocolate Milkshake”

Megadeth--“Killing Is My Business...and Business is Good!”

Eclectic Method--“Wolverine Remix”

Suicide--“Ghost Rider”

The Traits--“Nobody Loves the Hulk”

Boris the Sprinkler--“Working-Class Kree”


Servotron--“The Death of Magnus”

The Mekons--“Dan Dare”

Anthrax--“I Am the Law”

Ookla the Mok--“Stop Talking about Comic Books or I’ll Kill You”

Kirby Krackle--“Dust in the Wind (Infinity War Version)”

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