Ep. 150: How a Book Can Get You National News Coverage | Joe Curcillo


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Annalisa speaks with Joe Curcillo, Speaker and Author of Getting to Us about how to reach thousands of people with your content, and more!

In this episode, you’re going to learn:

-How to reach thousands of people with your content

-How to contribute to national magazines

-When and how to produce an audiobook

You’ll want to be sure to download the free worksheet, Tell the World Your Message, for this episode that will walk you through how to reach a wide audience and share your knowledge with them, so take a minute and download it at www.writing-gym/vision. Don’t forget the dash!

Author, CEO, & Advisor to Visionaries, Joe Curcillo inspires audiences by sharing the strategies and secrets to solving seen and unseen problems. Joe has published three books, Getting to Us: Discover the Ability to Lead Your Team to Any Result You Desire, What’s Your Freakin’ Point: How To Maximize The Impact Of Every Word You Speak, and Don’t Be a Hamster: 30 Tips to Spark the Imagination of Busy People to assist others in balancing work and happiness in their lives.

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