Ep. 152 The Dating Game: Finding Publishers and Agents in a Digital Dating world | Carey Nelson Burch


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Annalisa speaks with Carey Nelson Burch, owner and consultant of My Own Shingle, about how to find the right agent to maximize your publication and media rights, how to advocate for your manuscript in the publishing industry, and how to find the right professional partners for your creative work.

In this episode, you’re going to learn:

-How to get YOUR voice heard in the noisy marketplace

-How to sell your book through networking

-How to be your own advocate for your work

You’ll want to be sure to download the free resource guide, The Dating Game: Finding Publishers and Agents in a Digital Dating world for this episode that will walk you through the multiple media your manuscript can take in addition to a published book. Take a minute and download our free resource guide at www.writing-gym.com/EXPAND. Don’t forget the dash!

Carey Nelson Burch is the Owner of My Own Shingle where she consults for several companies while managing a handful of screenwriters, authors and influencers. Previously she was a packaging agent at William Morris Endeavor for over twelve years and an Executive at NBC in Los Angeles. Carey currently serves on the boards of the Nashville Film Festival, Belmont’s Film & TV Advisory Committee, and Film Com.

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