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At the age of 2 Carol had my first encounter with the spirit of an elderly woman. After living in several homes that had activity it soon became apparent that she had a gift for communicating with those who were deceased. Carol began her journey into finding answers and started to investigate on hger own when she was in my early teens. After several years of investigating and researching all she could on the subject, Carol then founded an online community where she was responsible for teaching others how to research and investigate activity in their own homes and businesses. After being involved in this online community for quite some time Carol made the decision to expand upon her knowledge and become more seriously involved in collecting data and research in this field. That is when she founded the paranormal research group called Niagara Area Paranormal Society. Their team currently consists of 12 members. They research paranormal activity throughout the Niagara Region. Their team is well established in the area and we have had several media appearances. Besides my research in this field, I just completed my second successful season of teaching courses locally. Participants of the course have the opportunity to learn the basics about investigating and then have the opportunity to investigate local haunted locations with seasoned investigators at their side to help guide them. -
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