Rob McConnell Interviews - Paula Commerford - Tells About Her PublishAmerica Nightmare


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Paula Commerford wants to warn all authors who think they can get out of their contracts with Publish America. Paul has been arguing with Publish America all year long and has filed complaints with the BBB with regards to their poor business ethics and hidden agendas. The BBB has made several attempts to work with Publish America without resolution in regards to my contracts. Even with the evidence of numerous emails that Paula holds to prove her case it seems the only means of escaping their vampiric clutches would be legal action. For some people, however, according to Paula, that is impossible as attorneys are very expensive and Publish America knows that having an arsenal of their own attorneys on their payroll to assist their devious business practices. Her recommendations to those of you like Paula that have no money for an attorney is to file your complaints with the BBB and maintain a log of the practices of Publish America as well as recorded emails that conflict with your contracts. Paula has all of this and still the BBB cannot sway Publish America into a resolution. That is why she makes it a point in posting online warnings about this publisher and plan on writing a complete and detailed book of how they do business to warn the public.
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