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Scottish-born professional artist who paints images of an inner reality perceived through meditation and claims to be a herald of "the reappearance of the Christ" at the end of the twentieth century. Born in Glasgow in 1922, early in his life Creme became attracted to theosophical literature, especially the writings of Alice A. Bailey. In the 1950s he also joined the Aetherius Society, an occult-oriented flying saucer contact group founded by George King, in which he learned a form of meditation called "transmission" meditation. Throughout the 1950s Creme was in direct contact with the Great White Brotherhood, the assembly of beings believed by Theosophists to guide the destiny of humankind. Creme claimed that in 1959 he received a telepathic communication from his own master, a member of the divine hierarchy, who told him that he would have a part to play in the return of Maitreya, the Christ. (In Theosophy, the person who walked the earth as Jesus, and is called the Christ by Christians, is identified as Maitreya, the bodhisattva whom many Buddhists expect to appear in the near future.) A constant and conscious telepathic link was established with this master, by which Creme received precise and up-to-date information about the reappearance of the Christ, which Bailey had predicted to occur toward the end of the twentieth century. - www.share-international.org
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