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Today it's not so unusual to be a psychic/medium. But there is a man who paved the way for the current crop of psychics - who was involved in spiritualism long before today's trend. That man is legendary celebrity psychic/medium Kenny Kingston. Kenny's ability to contact the spirit world came when he was born to the seventh daughter of a seventh daughter. In Irish lore, this is a very psychic sign. During his childhood he received frequent visits from the spirit of his grandfather, who helped him with school examinations. He also credits three women in his life with helping him develop his psychic abilities: his grandmother taught him to read tea leaves; his beloved mother taught him psychometry; and legendary film immortal Mae West taught him clairaudio, when Kenny was just 9 years old. Starting in his youth and continuing today, Kenny has given psychic messages and readings to top personalities in all walks of life: Marilyn Monroe (he was her one and only psychic), Greta Garbo, Lily Tomlin, U.S. Presidents Truman and Eisenhower, Carol Burnett, Hugh Jackman, Phyllis Diller, Josephine Baker, Whoopi Goldberg, John Wayne, soap stars from "General Hospital", "Young & the Restless" and "Guiding Light" and Britain's royals from the Duke and Duchess of Windsor to Princess Diana. Kenny Kingston's television career has flourished for many years. In addition to guest appearances on television programs around the world, he has hosted his own TV series twice - "Kenny Kingston: A Psychic Experience" in Los Angeles and "The Kenny Kingston Show" for syndication throughout the East Coast. During each show's run the mail response was tremendous; he often received in excess of 10,000 letters each week. -
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