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Prasann V. Thakrar is the newest, the most exciting, and dynamic expert in the new field of Self-Empowerment and Life-Transformation via bridging Modern Science and Non-Denominational Spirituality! He is also, of course, the author of the unique genre-bending and genre-blending book, God=mc2? In this book, Prasann demystifies, clearly defines, and explains "heavy" Scientific and Spiritual topics in a completely unique, entertaining, fun, and humorous way! In other words, the author makes them very "light." He uses pop-culture references such as movies and movie quotes, lyrics from popular songs, TV shows, commercials, bumper stickers, church signs, popular books, his personal experiences - both, scientific and spiritual, and just about anything and everything else in order to make these subjects very easy to understand and relate to. Thus, the practical and usable principles related to these complex subjects become very easy to apply in daily life. And that, in turn, makes the overall goal of life-transformation very easy to accomplish! Prasann's ultimate intention and goal for you is: A permanent positive impact on and the total transformation of your life! -
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