#481 The Bogan Dietitian


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Tara Diversi is a self-professed bogan. A funny, interesting, academic, intelligent bogan… but a bogan nonetheless. She’s also the President and Chair of Dietitians Australian. Fortunately (or not), we didn’t do another deep dive into nutrition (we’ve done enough lately) but we did talk about a sh*t-load of other fascinating things, like… (1) treating trauma with ice-water swimming (she is the first Australian woman to swim an ice mile) (2) a medical condition which means that Tara dislocates joints daily (and has had more than twenty operations) (3) sports which require fat gain to improve performance (4) Tara’s initial degree in beer and boys (5) why we both like work, but not jobs (6) creating a diverse career (7) connecting with an audience (😎 why she’s not sure how to say her own name… and lots more. This was really fun.

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