807: Your Story Runs Your Life | Sam Collier


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It’s just a fact. Your story runs and rules your life. You think your story is black and white and truth and today you are either successful because of or in spite of it, or you are overcome and defeated by it. Likely somewhere in between. While you can’t and should not sugarcoat the hard things that happened to you, you can find the redemption, and that makes all the difference. This is the focus of today’s show, but let me also add...around the 27 minute mark we have an incredible discussion on our current racial tension and then an absolutely profound talk about finding one’s purpose. My guest is Sam Collier, pastor, speaker, writer, and host of the “A Greater Story with Sam Collier” TV show and radio podcast and a brand new book by the same name. I brought Sam on to the show to discuss his incredible story of being born to a drug addict and given up for adoption and his focus on how we can and should elevate how we see our story. Normally I would not give any reference to race or color, but part of Sam’s story is being black and growing up in a very black culture in the south, so we got into the current racial tensions of 2020 and shares a message to blacks and whites separately which I really, strongly encourage you to hear. Then, holy moly, we got into both of our perspectives on finding one’s purpose and from it, well, you’ll hear Sam exclaim a couple times that we need to write a book together. I’ll admit, it was significant. Again, such a powerful show. You can connect with Sam and all he has to offer you at agreaterstory.org and find his podcast by the same name wherever you get your podcasts!

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