The Journey of JOY & SORROW: Remembering My Beloved Best Friend, Melissa Herrera


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A quick unedited episode about my best friend Melissa Herrera passing away. Thank you for your patience as I take time to mourn. I wanted to share a few takeaways my Bestie left me with that brings comfort in this moment of deep sadness. I want to continue to honor her, celebrate her life and show up to connect with you on your healing journey too friend. In the end, that's all we got, each other. Our memories. Our impact. And The love we exchange in our time together. I hope we all continue to feel into the sorrow and the joy of our lives.

The poem I read is: "Joy and Sorrow" by Khalil Gibran from his book "The Prophet."

In loving memory of Melissa Marie Herrera, 9/17/1983 - 11/27/2020. Rest in Power & Peace Best.

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