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**Originally released February 26, 2021**

A Warners, 1935 Borzage/Kay Francis/George Brent double feature: Stranded, in which Francis plays a sort of socialite social worker who's romanced by Brent's conservative he-man construction boss; and Living on Velvet, in which Francis is determined to overcome Brent's insouciant death-wish. As usual, Borzage delivers romance with a difference. We discuss Depression-era Liberal Republicanism, argue about whether Living on Velvet's ennui is adequately dramatized, and argue for Julius Epstein as a screenwriting auteur. But what does a Welsh clown have to do with anything? Listen to find out!

Time Codes:

0h 01m 00s: Stranded [dir. Frank Borzage]

0h 54m 10s: Living on Velvet [dir. Frank Borzage]


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