Episode 70 - Fifth Birthday Special Gloomhaven Jaws of the lion, Search for Planet X and more!


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Intro Banter - This is the (mostly) unscripted intro to the show! We catch up, play games, talk about games that perhaps did not make the main show, and just gab, Welcome!

It’s Our Birthday and we will Game if we want to! - Happy FIFTH Birthday Spoken Token! We will celebrate how we want to, with games and fun and laughter, possibly Cake!

Conventional wisdom - convention going ons! This time the worlds biggest and best Board Game birthday party otherwise known as OUR Bir- (GenCon) is going down with their first ever Online edition! We WENT TO GEN CON!

Getting In the Box (Bringing It Home) - What brings us to the games that we buy and play? This episode we talk about the “Kickstarter Effect” (The inclusion of premium bits and minis into boardgames) and how it can affect our purchase habits. Is it a sign of the hobby evolving, and if so is it a good thing?

Summer of Games III Kick Off:

Summer Blockbusters - We cover games that show us to a great time in the Summer Blockbuster tradition; on the table in game form. Television or Movies these games are all larger than life and ready to entertain!

Larry (First Impressions & Taking off the lid) : Call To Adventure: Stormlight Archive By Chris O'Neal & Johnny O'Neal Published by Brotherwise Games Released in 2020

Alex: Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion By Isaac Childres Published by Cephalofair Games Released in 2020

Summer Of Games Game choice: Our Hosts share their end of show games to go get right now!

Larry: Search for Planet X By Matthew O'Malley & Ben Rosset Published by Renegade Games Released in 2020

Alex: Chaosmos By Joey Vigour Published by Mirror Box Games Released in 2015




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