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TCW Podcast Episode 150 - Gottlieb Part 2

In part two we look at the further development of Gottlieb as a coin-op company, and how they established themselves during the 50s through the 70's. Eventually acquired by Columbia Pictures. Gottlieb would start making small steps into the video game space. Though many inside the company still viewed themselves as a pinball company, the shrinking pinball market necessitated a change. When Columbia was purchased by Coca-Cola the shift into video games was made more of a priority. One of the notable hits of this time was the game Q*bert. A character that would even get a short run cartoon. Unfortunately with other failures in the video game space, and the collapse of the industry as a whole Gottlieb ceased to be in the mid 80's.

How bowling Pinsetters work:


Shuffle Alley:

Gittlieb Duette:


Spirit of 76:

Royal Flush:

Close Encounters of the Third Kind:

Charlie's Angels:

Amazing Spiderman:

No Man's Land:

New York New York:

Black Hole:

Caveman Gameplay:

Caveman Cabinet & Electronics:



M.C. Escher Documentary:

Saturday Supercade 1984:

Q*bert (Saturday Supercade):

Mad Planets:

Firefox Trailer:

M.A.C.H. 3:

US VS. Them:

Krull Trailer:

Krull Arcade:

Q*bert Qubes:

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