Ep 23: Meal Planning and Prepping with Ease with Hungry Girl’s Lynn Bettencourt


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I hope you are well and enjoying these last few weeks of summer.

With schools starting up again and some of us heading back into the office, life is getting busier and therefore what is the first thing to go? Self-care of course!

One of the most proven habits for healthy living is meal planning and prepping though many of us groan at just the thought of it.

Good news! In episode 23 of Thin Thinking, I have Hungry Girls’ Lynn Bettencourt here coming to the rescue to help us make it easy and dare I say, enjoyable.

In This Episode, You’ll Also Learn…

  • What is the biggest value of meal planning and prepping according to Lynn Bettencourt
  • Some tips from Lynn on how to repeat meals
  • How much time does Lynn take to plan her family’s meal and when does she usually do it
  • How can someone who doesn’t know how to cook plan and prepare his/her meal

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