Ep 32: Break the Pattern of Overeating on Weekends-3 Mind Hacks


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Have you totally been crushing your weight release efforts during the week, but then undoing all the progress you made on the weekend?

Do you feel like a hamster stuck in an endless cycle of being good during the week and then bad on the weekend?

Then, this week's episode 32 of the Thin Thinking podcast is something you must listen to. I'll share with you my three mind hacks to avoid overeating on the weekends.

Better yet, you'll also learn how to have a great time on the weekends while releasing weight or maintaining your weight.

In This Episode, You’ll Also Learn…

  • How to create a weekend vision meditation that will excite your brain’s higher level reward center
  • That creating for yourself a healthy weekend does not equate to depriving yourself
  • The importance of mentally practicing your challenges by becoming aware of your vulnerable points and creating alternative routes for your brain to follow
  • How to do mental practice in a way that is like watching a movie of yourself

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