Ep 33: Trigger Foods - How to Manage Them Before They Manage You


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Are there certain specific foods that you can't stop at just one? You eat the whole carton or bag? Or maybe there are foods that you just can't seem to resist that take you off track again and again and again?

You eat one, then eat another, not having realized that the food you are eating is already taking you over to the point of not being able to control yourself.

We love them until we hate them because we feel bloated and regretful and mad at ourselves for being so weak.

In episode 33 of Thin Thinking, we explore our relationship with trigger foods and look at some interesting mind tools to be masterful with them rather than miserable.

I hope that this episode will help you to manage your trigger foods before they manage you.

In This Episode, You’ll Also Learn…

  • What are trigger foods and how to determine your own trigger foods
  • How can you create a boundary with yourself and your trigger foods and how to start a different kind of relationship with those foods
  • What is that one key skill that you should develop in yourself in order to manage your trigger foods

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