Think Multifamily Podcast - #073 - Brent Kawakami


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Welcome back investors. There’s nothing like getting an insider’s look at a REAL Multifamily deal. The reality is… all the podcasts, books, and videos in the world are great, but nothing substitutes for real world experience. Well, today you’ll hear from our very own, Brent Kawakami, as he takes you on an exclusive tour through a REAL deal that he and Think Multifamily acquired AND sold exceeding their 5-year projection in half the time. Brent reveals specific obstacles that came up during the life of the deal and how we overcame them to deliver a top-performing, profiting property in such a short period of time. This honest and upfront account of a multifamily transaction reveals how these deals really get done. Let’s go behind the curtain & Listen In!


Brent Kawakami

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