Episode 332: Polarizing


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Nate and Andrew break down two hands submitted by listeners, with an emphasis on which player has the more polarized range and how that influences betting and bet sizing decisions.

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Strategy Hand 1

It’s a home game, 7 handed, $5/$5 blinds, BT vs BB.

Pre: Hero raises to $15 on the button with Qc7c, BB just calls. Pot is $35.

Flop: 7hKhAd, BB checks, Hero bets $12, BB calls. Pot is $71.

Turn: 6d, BB checks and Hero checks behind. Pot is still $71.

River: Qd, BB leads for $25, Hero raises to $75, BB calls. Hero scoops pot with two pair and BB shows AhTc for one pair.

Strategy Hand 2

This is from a $1500 guarantee tournament on ACR. $1.65 buy in.

We are about halfway through late reg. Blinds are 650/1300.

Folds to Villain on the BU. They min raises to 2600 with 48K behind.

SB calls with 80K behind.

I am in BB with 9c9d, and have them both covered. I call

3 ways to the flop with 9,100 in the pot. Villain has 48K behind. I cover.

Flop is 3h2h2c

SB checks. I bet 4550. BU raises to 11K. SB folds. I call.

Turn is the Kd.

I check, BU checks.

River is the 9h.

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