Episode 324: Pandemic Poker with Ben Saxton


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Ben Saxton joins Andrew to discuss the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the poker world, from WSOP delays to poker apps to Zoom-based home games. In the strategy segment, they discuss playing out of position in multiway pots. Ben previously appeared on Episode 281.

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0:30 Hello & Welcome
44:32 Strategy


UTG (340K) raises to to 14000 at the 3k/6k blind level. I had not seen her get out of line and she has about 340k. 2 callers, Hero calls in SB with J8o.

Flop is A J 8 rainbow. Checks around.

Turn is a Jack. Hero bets 36K into 68K, UTG calls.

River is a 6. So the final board is 6 8 J J A with no flush possibilities. Hero bets 77K, villain shoves for about 200k more.

Ben Saxton

Ben Saxton teaches literature and writing classes at Tulane Medical School and Bard Early College. He’s also a poker writer whose interviews for Two Plus Two Magazine have a lot in common with those you’d hear on the Thinking Poker Podcast!

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