Creating a 1000m water spout for renewable electricity? Yes, says tech investor Brent Ogilvie


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Could a water spout almost a kilometre high be harnessed to create electricity from waste industrial heat? Yes, says tech investor Brent Ogilvie. Brent is a rare type: a venture investor with a passion for sustainability. A former trade commissioner to New York, Brent was a trustee of the Urban Ecoliving Trust, founded a biodiesel company (sold to Z) and is a founding director of Pacific Channel, an investment company that backs tech companies which create positive impact and value by solving worthwhile problems. His latest ventures include Orbis, a Covid detection tool for airports and Vortex Systems, an early stage company that uses wasted industrial heat to generate electricity. In a fascinating conversation with Vincent, Brent revealed how his passion for science and sustainability is creating a breakthrough product and making money along the way.

About Brent

Brent Ogilvie is co-founder and Managing Director of Pacific Channel. You can see some of the Pacific Channel’s companies here.

And check out Vortex Power Systems here.

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