Farming sustainably, at scale. Can it be done? Forbes Elworthy, co-founder of Craigmore Sustainables


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Craigmore Sustainables is the only New Zealand land manager that operates at scale in each of New Zealand’s three core primary sectors: horticulture, dairy farming and forestry. It also claims to be a leader in sustainable practices, seeking to become carbon neutral in some of its dairy and kiwifruit operations, employing local owner/operators and finding innovative ways to reduce environmental impact.

Co-founder Forbes Elworthy is the fourth generation of Elworthys to own Craigmore Station, one of Canterbury’s largest sheep and beef farms. He has big shoes to fill: his father, Sir Peter Elworthy, led Federated Farmers during the turbulent economic reforms of the 1980s and was on the board of the Reserve Bank. He was also a founder of the Sustainability Council which successfully opposed the release of genetically modified organisms in New Zealand. Farming and a love for the land are clearly in Forbes's blood, but what does that mean in the 21st century? And how are New Zealand farmers responding to the climate and ecological crisis?

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