How to Stop Owning a Stupid Metal Box: Erik Zyderfelt, Mevo


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Are you sick of owning an expensive, polluting metal box called a car? Me too. Mine sits in the garage taking up real estate and costing me bomb in maintenance and registeration. Is car sharing a better alternative? The idea is simple: use an app to pick up one of the share cars dotted around your city, do your thing, park it and walk away. Voila! Maybe. Car-sharing has a long and painful history. The first scheme was started in 1948, and since the 2000s there have been dozens of start-ups around the world. Mevo, a car sharing scheme based in Wellington, is the latest to give it a crack. Vincent was joined by co-founder Erik Zyderfelt to explain his vision for reducing emissions, solving gridlock and why this time car-sharing will finally succeed.

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