Jacinda declares climate emergency! So what does that actually mean?


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Last week Prime Minister Jacinda Adern declared a Climate Emergency. In Parliament she said: “This declaration is an acknowledgement of the next generation … of the burden that they will carry if we do not get this right and do not take action now.”

The declaration has been a long time coming and follows the example of many other countries and cities, including some in NZ. So what is a climate emergency? What difference will it make? And what other ‘emergencies’ get bumped off the agenda as a result? With me to discuss this move are two climate campaigners and rational optimists: Melissa Clark-Reynolds, a professional director and futurist who was the first New Zealander to train with Al Gore, when he was still a thing and Rohan MacMahon, a technology investor and adviser with the Punakaiki Fund.

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