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If you’re a photographer that gets paid for your time and efforts, you’ve probably heard about In-Person-Sales a million times. If you offer IPS, then you may know how valuable the process can be for your business. If you don’t offer IPS, here is another conversation meant to be encouraging to you. Dorie Howell and Rachael Boer created the online education platform IPS Mastermind in 2015. In this conversation, they share their IPS conversion stories as well as tips and tricks to help you avoid leaving money on the table. Our businesses have all been impacted this year. Many of us are still fighting to keep our heads above the water, so to speak. Doing anything in person may not seem or even be feasible right now, but even if you are conducting online meetings with your clients, several IPS concepts may be able to help you navigate the current situation affecting so many of us. Thanks for listening, folks. And don’t hesitate to reach out if you need help. Visit We’re here for you. Really.

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