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I’m a terrible golfer. Always have been. And I’m sure I always will be. I don’t golf much anymore but there was a time in my life when I went about every other week or so. And it was all because of Tiger Woods. Tiger made the game appealing to me…even though I was terrible. I’d watch him win, many times in dramatic fashion, on Sunday, and then think about playing all week until I could hit the links the following Saturday morning.

Eric Floberg is a Photographer, Filmmaker, and Content Creator based out of Chicago, IL and he’s kind of like Tiger Woods to me. I’m not a great any of that, but he makes me want to create amazing films. I’ve dabbled with video, yes, but Eric’s work inspires me to…make stuff. I’ve had Eric on the show before and I fawned over his Tyler and Elle film. I’m still fawning. And if you haven’t check it out, please do so. But be ready. Eric is focusing much of his time on teaching now, so not only will you want to start filming and editing and creating amazing work yourself, you’ll have a direct way to learn from him via YouTube and his educational resources.

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