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When I’m really excited about a movie that’s coming out, I do my best to stay away from knowing much about it. I like to go in cold. And for the most part, I really prefer going into these interviews relatively cold. Not completely, mind you, but I enjoy learning about my guests in real time…right along with you. For me, it provides for a much more authentic experience for all of us. I made the mistake of diving into who Nick Onken was about 7 minutes before our interview. I had known of Nick for several years, but I didn’t know a lot about him. When I sat down for our interview, I was a few minutes early so I pulled up his website and began to peruse more than I had before. I quickly discovered that he was a much bigger deal than I even knew. As a result, I became quite nervous about interviewing him and found myself a bit shaken about 37 seconds before he appeared on my screen for our chat. I was delighted when I found him to be extremely grounded and down to earth despite his success and accomplishments. We spoke at the relative beginning to our culture’s response to a pandemic that we didn’t really understand at the time. Despite the craziness, Nick was extremely gracious and easy to talk to. Enjoy our conversation.

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