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I’m 45 years old. I feel much younger than that most of the time, but with each passing year, the reality of middle age hits home harder and harder. And we’re all in the same boat. None of us can hide from Father Time. That means a lot of things, but one of the things it means for me is that I don’t have to be afraid or feel threatened by or angry at younger generations solely because they are, well, younger. I remember my parents and grandparents not understanding my taste in music. And I see the “get off my lawn” approach all the time. But I think there is something to be said for being able to meet our clients where they are and co-exist in the same space. Renee Bowen is a senior photographer and certified life coach from the LA area. She specializes in creating unique portrait experiences for high school seniors and brands while emphasizing her clients’ authenticity and uniqueness. She offers coaching and various online courses to photographers who want to get their businesses to the next level - always with a focus on Gen Z. I’ve been inspired by Renee’s passion and zest and I really like her approach regarding my own insecurities that seem to be popping up from time to time as I age. We talk about TikTok among other things which is timely as you can now catch This Conversation on there as well. I’ve been told that I’m only as young as I feel. I’m not sure if that’s entirely true, but for now, I’ll go with it. I hope you are doing well, friends. Thanks for listening.

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