1911: Snow depth record for US in Tamarack, CA


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Tamarack, California sits up in the Sierras of that state at an elevation of 6,913 feet. Located just south of Reno and Lake Tahoe it is home to one of the premiere ski venues in the United States and even the world for that matter, and for good reason. Snowfall averages an incredible 443” a year. Because of its location in the high Serra it is prone to getting hit by one strong pacific storm after another loaded with copious amounts of moisture that sometimes stream all the way from the central pacific. That moisture stream, often known as the Pineapple Express is a direct link all the way from the Hawaiian Islands and beyond. During the winter of 1911 the central part of California was impacted by one snowstorm after another. By March 11, 1911 snow on the ground measured an incredible 471” – the greatest snow depth ever measured in one place in the United States, a record that still holds today. Tamarack also holds the record for greatest seasonal snowfall in California: during the winter of 1906−1907, it received 883”. It’s no wonder so many skiers make the trip there every winter.

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