Meredith Interviews Gordon About Music, the Changing Forms of Music, and Music's Impact on Their Family


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Thanks for listening to the "This is Gonna Hurt" podcast! There is a lot going on in this episode. In this episode:

Gordon gives an update on this past weekend's half marathon.

Gordon shares the Top 5 Most Listened to Episodes of 2020. You can find the links at:

They are:

Number 5: My interview with Emma about how Covid-19 was affecting teenagers

Number 4: My interview with Carey Green of the Carey Green - Morning Mindset whose podcast posts daily for steady, biblical encouragement

Number 3: My interview with Steve Alten, author of "Meg, a Novel of Deep Terror"

Number 2: The Search for Monica Moynan - thankfully, her killers have been arrested and we await justice in that case. Learn more at Justice For Monica Moynan, J Smith

Number 1: RIP Ravi Zacharias at his passing

And Meredith interviews Gordon about music.

Thanks for listening!

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