Marc Stickdorn on Doing Design 'Journey Map Operations'


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Welcome to the Doing Design podcast on This is HCD. Hosted by all the worlds best live design and innovation trainers at -

The Doing Design podcast focusses on all the behind the scenes things related to actually DOING Innovation and Design, such as Design Research, Facilitation, Prototyping, Visualisation - and a great sounding board for industries like Service Design, UX, Content Design and Product Management -

In this episode, you’ll hear from myself and Marc Stickdorn author of 'This is Service Design Thinking' and 'This is Service Design Doing' and trainer at This is Doing -

We chat about how almost all projects in an organisation impact cx and ex. We speak about how to get an overview of all projects going on across the different teams and departments that impact those experiences.

We dive into the back story of Journey Map Operations, Marc's new approach using journey maps as a visual management tool - something that I believe is an amazing framework that can really really help organisations and teams ‘move the dial’

I love chatting with Marc, and as we mention at the top of the episode, has been on This is HCD, now 4-times! But the good news is with Doing Design, you’ll hear much more from Marc in an on-going basis, chatting more around the complexities of Doing Design.

Let’s get into it.

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