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TW: Miscarriages and cancer

This week, we welcome Sam Walker to the show.
Sam is a broadcaster, podcaster, and presenter who worked for the BBC for 15+ years and now runs her own audio business.
In our conversation, she talks about growing up with her parents and how they did everything they could to support her education even though they had little means.
She also reflects on her experience of going through multiple miscarriages and eventually giving birth to her lovely daughters, Lyla and Britta. Sam talks about the pain she felt and how she completely shut off the world after her third miscarriage. She also brings up the turning point in her life that completely changed her outlook on life, leading up to the birth of her second daughter.
Sam leaves us with the moving story of the road trip she took with her mother after she was diagnosed with lung cancer, bringing them even closer.
About the Guest
Sam Walker is an award-winning broadcaster, presenter, and podcaster. Having presented on a number of commercial networks like BBC 5 Live, BBC Radio Manchester, BBC Radio London, Key 103, Xfm among others, she carries a ton of experience.
She is also the Managing Director at What Goes On Media where they create and produce podcasts for individuals, organizations, and brands and also act as consultants for any podcast or audio projects. Their clients include Audible, Women in the Law UK, Canadian High Commission, and Northern Power Women.
You can find Sam’s Desert Dairies here.
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